Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many parking spaces are available? There are 28 parking spaces.
  2. Can we move the furniture? There are currently several items of furniture that permanently remain, such as chairs, lamp tables, and a marble topped serving table. We ask that you NOT move these items of furniture as they are quite heavy. Moving these heavy items often causes scratches and scuff marks to the floors and walls (which could affect a portion or all of your security deposit to be kept). There are a number of tables and chairs available in the storage room to accommodate guests, which may be arranged however you’d like.
  3. How many chairs are available for guests? In the storage area, there are approximately 50 matching folding chairs, which guests may freely use. We ask that the folding chairs be returned to the storage room at the end of the rental time. There are photographs depicting how the chairs are to be stored in the storage room.
  4. How many tables are there and how big are they? The size and number of tables changes, due to wear and tear and replacement by the Community House committee. There are currently eight- and six-foot oblong tables available. When you book your rental, we will send you the paperwork and instructions to confirm your booking. In that email will tell you the number of tables and what are the sizes. We ask that the tables be returned to the storage room at the end of the rental time. There are photographs depicting how the tables are to be stored in the storage room.
  5. Is there an extra cost for tables and chairs? No. There is no additional fee for the use of the tables and chairs in the storage room. They are included in the rental fee.
  6. Do we need to bring toiletries (i.e., toilet paper, towels, etc.)? No. Toiletries are provided. Trashbags for the bathroom and kitchen trashcans are also provided.
  7. Does the Community House have WIFI? Yes. The Community House does have WIFI available (included in the cost of rental) and there is no password needed to access it.
  8. Do you have a kitchen? Yes. In the kitchen there is an oven with a stove top range, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a microwave. There is, however, NO ice-maker in the freezer and there is NO dishwasher.
  9. When will I get my deposit back? If you left everything the way you found it, your deposit will be returned within 30 days (per the contract). Please review the contract carefully to know what actions (or inactions) on your part that will cause part or all of your deposit to be kept.
  10. Why was some of my deposit not returned? The cleaning staff cleans the Community House before and after ever rental. The cleaning staff reports any issues (i.e., messes, damage, etc.) and the Community House committee reviews the reports. Items which might appear on the reports are whether 1) the trash was removed, 2) the chairs and tables were stacked according to the photographs on the wall in the storage room, 3) the lights or fans were left on, 4) there were cigarette butts or other trash on the grounds, 5) the floors were unswept or damaged, or 6) the house was locked after the rental.
  11. May I come see the Community House prior to renting it? Yes, of course! Please call us at 336-993-0505 or email us at to schedule a showing. Your guide will be able to answer most questions that may not appear on this FAQ page.
  12. Can we have balloons, or a bounce-house, or other items for childrens’ parties? Please review our contract to see which items are not allowed.
  13. When are our rental fees and deposit due? To confirm your reservations, we expect to receive both your rental fee AND your security deposit, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE), and the original signed signature page of your rental contract, within 10 days of your confirmed booking. If the rental fees, security deposit, self-addressed, stamped envelope, and signed signature page of the contract are not received within 10 days, your booking may become available again to the general public.
  14. How do I address the rental fee and security deposit money orders? We require two (2) money orders. One money order (the rental fee) needs to be made payable to “Community House Fund”. The other money order (the security deposit) needs to be made payable to “Community House Fund OR [the name of the renter].” Please send the money orders (along with the self-addressed, stamped envelope and the signed signature page of the contract, to:
    PO BOX 1143
    KERNERSVILLE, NC 27285-1143
    Please be sure to use the PO Box address (above) and NOT the physical location of the house. Items addressed to the physical location will likely NOT be delivered to the Community House committee and may result in a booking become available to the general public again and your money orders to be lost in the mail.
  15. How do I access the house during my rental time? When all monies are received (with self-addressed, stamped envelope and a signed signature page of the contract) we will email you a code with instructions to access the house. Please note that your code is active ONLY for the hours that you have rented! If the house is NOT locked we will infer that you left the house after your rental time, which will jeopardize part or all of your security deposit.